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Acknowledging that the Mind is a powerful Tool in Hand

February 07, 2018

The Mind is as much a tool in your hand as a Chisel and Hammer in the hands of the Sculptor. The sculptor uses a chisel and Hammer to carve out a beautiful sculptor from a raw stone. The chisel has a sharpness to cut through stone. With an appropriate power on it, the chisel could cut off just that portion which hides the sculpture. The excesses, the wastages, and the coverings are removed to reveal the sculpture that is hidden in the stone.  In the same way, the faculty called the Mind has many features that is superlative which cannot be met by any Artificial Intelligence. It can be a powerful tool in molding your path towards Excellence and Success. The Sanskrit sloka says “the mind indeed is your world and you need to clean it with effort”. 

In seconds, the Mind could travel to any distant place and return and even recall the experience that happened several years ago. It has the capacity to store several memories of the past experiences and even retain opinions, judgments, and views. The Mind generates thoughts in such speed and accuracies that ordinarily we don’t even see the gaps between the thoughts and are drowned in our identification with the same. Swami Sukhabodhananda says that Mind Management is the need of the hour. The technology of the Mind needs to be understood well so that they could use the Mind as a tool rather than become a victim of the same. The body has a number of faculties and Mind is one such. But in real life, the Mind has become akin to our identity.

Breathing,  Digestion, Hearing, Smelling, etc etc are the several functions that the body does. These are just a few of the thousands of systems that function in our body. All the hardware and the software for the same are provided to us free of charge. No one has ownership for these systems that are provided free of charge to every human being. None of us have bought it, installed it, downloaded it or even invented it. These are all independently functioning systems that require no interference from our side. It is indeed amazing that all these systems are functioning with such accuracy without human participation. This software and hardware account for over 99.5% of all the systems that function in the body. All these are essential systems for the body to function and are given free to us. The only software that we have created, the MIND is .5% of all the systems that function in our body.  What would have been the Languaging of the Creator when he gave us this freedom to operate our own system called the MIND. He did not give this freedom to a Dog, a bullock, a crocodile or any such animal. He had given this only to the HUMAN Being. The Languaging would have been “ I deeply trust you,  believe in you and have tremendous faith in you that you would use these faculties for the good of the Humankind. This is the tool that I give you in which you can install your own Manual of Instructions, your own Software, and Operating Procedures and use it for driving your Life.”  It is indeed a honour to have a Mind that is God-given. The question, therefore, is “Do we deserve this honour?” “Are we using our Mind in such a way that it is a Manifestation of the Divine?” Are our actions arising out of our Mind in accordance with the purpose for which it was given?  “This indeed is a powerful tool. It can Lift you or it can break you”  says Swami Sukhabodhananda in his teachings quoting from the Bhagavad Gita.