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Intelligent people think they can change the world. Crazy ones do it

January 12, 2018

We all want to bring some change in the world that we are living. We all want to make the world a better place. We all want to help our elders, enhance our quality of life, to have better education for our children, liberal thinking, or change in any aspect of life.

But the question is what are we are doing to bring about the changes? The fact of life is all the changes that are bought are not by the intelligent who think they can bring the change but by the people who are compassionate, in short who are crazy to bring about the change.

For example, all the scholars and university wits did not help to bring about any changes in the English language. But it was Shakespeare, the person who never got the chance to take higher education as he could not afford it; has added many new words to the English language and given many idioms that were previously not used. He is considered as one of the greatest poet in English language and his works have been translated in many languages and are still getting translated for the new generation. Shakespeare was not the university wit but he was just crazy and passionate about his work.

Similar is the Story of Dhirubhai Ambani. Having no business background and no proper qualification, Dhirubhai Ambani has earned his own fortune.  Having nothing to building up everything, Ambani has changed the outlook of business in India. He was the first person to open share market for common people and because of him, today many people are earning well through share-markets.

Another example is of Steve Jobs.   The Apple man does not need an introduction. Mr. Steve Jobs was a university dropout but he was the one bought in ‘logos’ for computers.  While Steve Jobs was struggling hard, his friends were pursuing degrees but there came a time when his friends became the managers of the company, while he was the one who owned it.

All these people, Shakespeare, Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs and many more like them, they didn’t thought of changing the world; they just did it. The problem today with educated and intelligent people is they just think that they will do something, they will change the world but it’s not intelligence or education; it’s the dedication and craziness that is required to do so.

Be the change you want to see

To bring about the change you don’t have to be Adolf Hitler or prime minster of India. All you have to do is start changing the things around you. Start by your house, neighborhood and you area. If the change is not physical and more of cognitive than start by people in your house, your friends, your colleagues, all those you are there in your social media network. But don’t fear to start just by thinking that you don’t have the available resources. The real resource is not around you but it’s inside you

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