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Value Of Peace

December 13, 2017

Though Life is not a Drift, many are experiencing their Lives as a Drift. What is Driving this Drift? Sometimes reflections of this nature enables an Audit which is essential to make a conscious change in our Direction. Firstly, this establishes the Master giving directions to the Driver. Secondly, it enables the Master to see the situation from a higher perspective.

There was a Man who had an original jewel made of Diamond and another replica of the same made with Mirror. It was difficult to distinguish the difference. Many kings and his men failed to distinguish. The Man had taken this to a poor kingdom where the King was perched on a stone bench and all his men were on the open. All the Kings Men could not make the distinction. An old blind man in the group offered to make the distinction.  All were surprised at the offer for he had no faculties of his eyes to see the diamond. Yet the king allowed the old man to make his moves. The old man came to the diamonds and touched them and declared that this one is original and the other is fake. All were surprised at the right choice and asked the blind man on how he could do it. The old man said that in the heat of the sun, the original diamond remained cool while the fake replica had heated up. In the same way, another level of discretion alone would distinguish joy from pleasure. One is searching peace but searching in the world of objects and is likely to be hijacked by Pleasure. The higher perspective of seeing the context is in the Master who has been accordingly nourished.

The value of Peace can be understood by the Mind which has experienced the turbulences that are presently happening in countries like Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Reflect on the experiences that ordinary people of Japan, Vietnam, Germany and Austria to suggest a few would have gone through in their lives during the last 5 to 10 decades. Mind of Man created Wars and violence are a lesson to the sane to apply their discriminations more effectively.

What you experience within is what we see outside says the sages. Reconciling the warring sides of our own Mind and creating an integration that is not dependent on Mine and yours and not on Who is right and Wrong, but based on the higher values of Peace and Permanence. Out of that deep internal Integration and an uncompromising value for Peace, we will sieve through the crevices of the Mind and find a solution that will demand the higher perspectives of thought. As a collective consciousness, we should be against Drift in any form. Swami Sukhabodhananda says Drift is like a Boat without a compass in the middle of the ocean. All sides water and no way to know the directions of the boat. The Boat is driven by the Muscles of the Waves of the Ocean. In the same way, the Drift that we are experiencing in life is without the vital component of a Compass – the Master.