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Corporate Empowerment

Synergic Focus On A Common Goal

  • Above all, let’s be the hero and not the victim.
  • Its not a search for being strong as much as it is about feeling strong
  • This moment is ours. Lets take responsibility
  • Harmonised interaction of Synergised energies
  • What lies without is insignificant compared to what lies Within
  • Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we take it
  • Purpose of empowerment is to provide freedom from all self made limitations
  • Your distinctive competency is a single flow of universal excellence
  • Change the way you hold your point of view, and a change will happen to you
  • Lift the aspirations and drop the aspersions

Duration of course : 3 hours Medium of Instruction: English


Sessions are very Interactive and always lively!
Anecdotes and Practical Examples are used to clarify the messages.
Games and processes that energize the group. Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic mode of communication.
The sessions are well spaced, not exceeding 1.5 hours each.

Benefits Accrued

Inner Self

  • Skill to learn from the past and not live in the past.
  • Vertical growth as much as horizontal growth
  • Disempowered thinking to empowered presence.

Work Place

  • Building togetherness.
  • Belonging to the common goal.
  • Seeing Failures as launching pads of success.


  • Fill the ambience with excellence.
  • Flowing relationships.
  • Interdependence is the law of nature.

What People Say About The Program

"Enthralling session which was so participative that it left each of us wanting more of it!"

"Program not only touched the lives of our senior executives, but by virtue of the multiplier effect, are now in a position to touch the lives of so many people with whom they interact!"

"The programme has been quite an eye opener to me. It will be of immense help to manage the issues at workplace & even in personal life in a better way & live healthy, responsible & joyful life!!"

Very educative and most of it when put into practice will be very effective to lead a contended life.