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Healthy Minds

The Primary Tool For Excellence

  • World Health Organisation has documented that the largest deaths by 2020 will be depression
  • Mind is the pinnacle of evolution. The core for excellence.
  • Bound by the Subjective Mind, we are free of its conditioning.
  • What we tell ourselves determines our perception
  • “Garbage in – Garbage out” – a universal principle
  • “The Mind is as much a tool in our hand as the Chisel to a carpenter.
  • “Are we a master of our Mind or a victim?

Duration of course : 3 hours Medium of Instruction: English


Sessions are very Interactive and always lively!
Anecdotes and Practical Examples are used to clarify the messages.
Games and processes that energize the group. Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic mode of communication.
The sessions are well spaced, not exceeding 1.5 hours each.

Benefits Accrued

Inner Self

  • Rooted in Goodness.
  • A n inner calmness.
  • Nourish an armor of Healthy Mind.
  • Compassionate towards Vagaries.

Work Place

  • An inner democratic generosity to allow people to be what they are.
  • Difference of opinions are not the pivot of survival.
  • The Art of Dispute Resolution in the midst of ego-conflicts.


  • Nourish a value for “let go”.
  • Democratic attitude to provide empowering space in interactions.
  • The ability to differentiate a Mask from the Core.