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Leader Skills

Be the change you wish to see

  • Be the change you wish to see - Mahatma Gandhi
  • Leader finds the track and sets the pace
  • Attitude is the prime mover of Leadership qualities
  • Searching for consensus appears Leadership but moulding the consensus truly is.
  • Influencing thought is the core of leadership
  • Its not absence of weaknesses, as much as harnessing of strengths
  • Its not the tallest, but the bravest who succeeds
  • An innate quality of Inclusiveness is the drive for Leadership
  • Making your team see a possibility where there appears none
  • If you wish to be a Colonel, walk like a Colonel

Duration of course : 3-4 hoursMedium of Instruction: English


Sessions are very Interactive and always lively!
Anecdotes and Practical Examples are used to clarify the messages.
Games and processes that energize the group. Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic mode of communication.
The sessions are well spaced, not exceeding 1.5 hours each.

Benefits Accrued

Inner Self
  • Elevated thinking creating altitude
  • Transforming into a possibility person
  • Inclusive thought with heightened awareness

Work Place

  • Creating footsteps of a Role Model
  • Earning respect of team members
  • Creating belongingness and creating common purpose.


  • Being a contributor than a hurdle.
  • Making it work.
  • Gratitude and value based vision.
  • Moment to Moment alertness.