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Managing Stress

Experience of Stress Vs Toleration of Stress

  • Stress manifests : Physical, Energy, Mind, Intellect.
  • How much do I value stress-less living?
  • Does stress arise from event or from Attitude ?
  • To avoid stress, should I withdraw, renunciate and give up ?
  • Do I recognize a stress-less state of balance and equilibrium in the universe within and without ?
  • In thought, word and deed am I in support of the balance or disruption of the balance?
  • Economy of Effort.
  • Managing Thought – the Key Log
  • Attitude to imperfections
  • Taking responsibility for one’s energy.
  • Ultimate Liberty is freeing oneself from our patterns. Tools Pranayama – the energy booster Pancha Kosha – self-audit systems Dynamic

Duration of course : 3 hours Medium of Instruction: English


Sessions are very Interactive and always lively!
Anecdotes and Practical Examples are used to clarify the messages.
Games and processes that energize the group. Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic mode of communication.
The sessions are well spaced, not exceeding 1.5 hours each.

Benefits Accrued

Inner Self

  • Gain Clarity of a Situation by Looking at it From a Different Perspective.
  • Restful perceptions.
  • Make acknowledgement and satisfaction of reaching capacity as a positive platform.

Work Place

  • High-energy positive emotions like joy make people playful.
  • Enjoying the pulls and pressures of daily challenges.


  • Calm and enthusiastic presence.
  • Good and proper Exchange of thoughts.
  • Being appreciative rather than critical.
  • Dropping Obstinate and Rigid views.


  • Developing a value for restfulness and relaxation.
  • Supporting the Balance and the radiant energy in the body

What People Say About The Program

Change within myself, recognizing myself and my possibilities with your class.-Moses Samuel

ThVery educating and an eye opener for the things we have taken for granted and for the things we do not take seriously.-Amit Shah

Educating to utilize spirited ways of developing our skill in all spheres of life.-Rajnish Bakshi

Enjoyed the session.. was very fruitful for me.. learnt to perceive the positive and delete the negative.-A K Vishwakarma

Total workshop is very encouraging in all aspects of life, specially our day to day functions. I will incorporate them in my life.-Aditya Kumar, Jaipur

The lecture by Mr. Athri was very meaningful and heartfeltWendy

I am very benefited in every steps of my life as well as profession.-Debashis Dasgupta

It was a refresher, by far the best interactive session we had. Sir’s talk was very informative.-Nikita Puthran

It was a very fruitful session. I would like to look forward for the same kind of session by Mr. Athri in future.-Renu Panda