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Teachers Empowerment

Catalyst In Blossoming A Citizenry.

  • Art of being a catalyst.
  • Life is a principle of Balance, both internal and external. In thought, word and deed, do we support or disrupt the balance?
  • Skills of facilitation.
  • What is the content of our ENERGY?
  • Empowering, supportive, learning, inclusive OR Cribbing, complaining, isolating and arrogant.
  • Focus on Impact and Penetration.
  • Recognize and Nourish physical and psychological orderliness.
  • Synergized counseling.
  • Flush the sin and not the sinner.
  • 3 “E’s” Of Empowerment.

Benefits Accrued

Inner Self

  • Gain Clarity of a Situation by Looking at it From a Different Perspective.
  • Restful perceptions.
  • Make acknowledgement and satisfaction of reaching capacity as a positive platform.


  • Ability to empathize with other’s struggles.
  • Appreciative Communication.
  • Being harmonious more than being right
  • Flowing relationships

Work Place
  • Positive energy of playfulness.
  • Enjoying the pulls and pressures of daily challenges.

  • Developing a value for restfulness and relaxation.
  • The temple which is your means for self expression

What People Say About The Program

The programme was an excellent center of learning and fun, easily understood, should be encouraged.-Madhav Rangarajan

The prog brought a change in me. The whole experience was fantastic and joyful. Im happy to be a part of this.-Sowjanya H

The seminar is very good and it was far beyond my expectations. I got to learn my things. Which is going to help me in future. Thank you very much.-Ravikumar Patel

The whole session has been motivating and energizing for me. Made me realize many things which otherwise would not have come to my mind. Overall the programme was fantastic, would like to attend every other session of it.-Rohit Kathria