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Total Quality Individual


  • TQI precedes TQM
  • Measuring the Intangible
  • Audit of Core Inner Programming
  • What lies within determines the experience without.
  • Tapping Inner Resources
  • Richness in Attitude
  • Plugging Leakages that hijack
  • Mind is as much a creative tool as a Chisel to the Sculptor.

Duration of course : Fullday/ 4 hoursMedium of Instruction: English


Sessions are very Interactive and always lively!
Anecdotes and Practical Examples are used to clarify the messages.
Games and processes that energize the group. Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic mode of communication.
The sessions are well spaced, not exceeding 1.5 hours each.

Benefits Accrued

Inner Self
  • Breaking of the Inner Potency.
  • Unplugging the channels of Energy
  • Acknowledging the Mind as the powerful tool in Hand
  • Riding the Wisdom Path 

Work Place

  • Competence for team building and ability to carry a common objective effectively.
  • Developing the art of finding a WIN – WIN solution to all matters .
  • Patiently hatching the egg is the way to get the chicks – not by breaking the egg.


  • Better and appropriate Communication.
  • Developing people skills.
  • Stand in others shoe.
  • Flowing relationships

What People Say About The Program

"Wonderful Experience. Effective blend of theory, analogues, stories and practice which succeeded in “Lighting a spark” in all of us. "-Moly Jalaluddin

"The workshop was excellent and fantastic. Enormous value addition and change of mind set was revealed."-L B Singh, NADP

"An Excellent reality check. A stimulating and life changing experience. The Ball is in my court now and I need to follow up on the inherent strengths the Lord has blessed me with."-Melwyn Rego